SYSTEM 2 - TARGETED Traffic Generation
Once you've set up a digital sales funnel, all you need to start making money with it is lots of TARGETED VISITORS.

On this page, you're going to learn exactly what you need to do to get lots of REAL PEOPLE to see the viral digital sales funnel you activated on the previous page, or any other offer you want to promote.
****First of all, it's important to understand the difference between targeted visitors and 'clicks'. There are a lot of sites around that will sell you a 100000 clicks for 5 bucks or whatever. This type of traffic won't make you any money because the clicks, if they are even made by human visitors, aren't targeted. In other words, your website isn't getting visited by people who are interested in your offers.****
Whatever else you may have been told, there are actually only 2 basic ways to send visitors to a webpage.

1. Paid Advertising
2. Free Traffic Methods

The fastest way is with paid advertising although some free traffic methods can also be very effective.
Before you start sending visitors to your site you need a way to track whether your promotion methods are working. A lot of advertising sources and free traffic strategies simply don't work so you need to track clicks and, wherever possible, conversions.
Proven Paid Advertising Sources.

One type of advertising that has worked better for me than any other is solo advertising. In my experience, the best place to get cost effective solo ads is at Udimi, a marketplace where you can buy solo emails to established marketers' lists. Advertisers leave ratings for solo ad vendors so that you can see what sort of results other people are getting with each vendor. Another ad source which has generated many times more revenue for me than it cost me to acquire is Referral Frenzy, although this site is unsuitable for promoting offers which are not related to making money online and internet marketing.
Proven Free Traffic Generation Methods.

There are a number of free traffic methods that have yielded good results for me. If you're promoting products related to make money online you can get lots of free targeted visitors by using ad exchanges. These include mailers, safelists, text ad exchanges and traffic exchanges. Click here to visit a post which lists my current top 10 highest converting ad exchanges. Although you can get a steady stream of leads and sales by using ad exchanges, if you want to really grow your business to a full-time income or more, you need to use additional traffic sources. Personally I've never had any success with trying to gamify search engine algorithms with seo so I don't really do any search engine optimization. On the other hand, social media sites have worked pretty well for me. One way to automate your social media marketing and obtain quicker results is with a software called Push Button Traffic. Whilst this isn't a magic button for infinite traffic, it will massively boost your social media marketing results by automating a lot of the work. Automation is the key to success in online business.
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