Lifetime.Hosting is a website hosting provider that provides it’s clients with permanent hosting for a one-time payment. Watch the video to learn more about the service they provide to people who want to create a web presence without paying a monthly or yearly hosting bill.

Their lifetime hosting service is fast and efficient and comes with pretty much all the features you would expect from a main stream hosting provider who charges you every month for their services.

Whilst you can use Lifetime.Hosting for any domain you choose, you can also buy lifetime domains which have a unique structure targeted to the type of website you want to create.

The lifetime domains have the following endings, or ‘top-level domain names’ depending on how you want to put it:


So as you can see there is a lifetime domain for pretty much any type of business you could want to launch or promote. The added benefit is that, whilst it is very difficult to find a meaningful, memorable dot com (.com) domain name due to massive market saturation, it is pretty easy to find a cool sounding, catchy domain.

You might also have heard of secure sockets layer or SSL certificates for websites.

SSL technology is an added security measure for your website visitors.

You can tell which websites use this technology as they start with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ and have a small padlock emblem near the address bar.

This is becoming much more important and most big websites now use SSL certificates.

Using an SSL certificate boosts a website’s trust factor and enables it’s visitors to securely use credit cards for purchases whilst they are on the site. It even gives the website better search engine rankings.

Lifetime.Hosting enables it’s clients to buy low cost lifetime SSL certificates. You normally have to pay for an SSL certificate every year.

Whilst Lifetime.Hosting is not suitable for hosting a big authority site that scrapes content from all over the web and uses terrabytes of bandwidth every month, it is suitable for the purposes of most small businesses, internet marketers and bloggers – in fact it’s ideal for people like that.

If you’re starting a business online, or already have one and haven’t yet made the jump to having your own website and want a risk-free and easy way to create your own web presence, then click here to get started.

Successful internet marketers have websites. You should too.