Discover ORU

ORU stands for ‘One Race United‘ and is a global online network offering numerous benefits to it’s members including travel deals, financial services and a marketplace to showcase your products and services to other ORU members.

As an online business owner, one of the most significant benefits of ORU premium membership for me is the ability to send and receive payments to other ORU members without paying any fees or commissions via ORUPay.

As a premium member, you can also put your products, services, online stores and businesses in front of the entire ORU membership by listing them on the ORU Marketplace.

You even receive a ‘Participation Payment‘ each week for being active in ORU, the more you participate, the more you’re rewarded.

Additionally, there is a lucrative ‘ORU Protocol Reward Bonus‘. This is a rewards system which pays you for sharing ORU with other people such as your friends, family and associates.

Premium membership requires you to pay a one-time $24.99 activation fee and an additional $5.95 per month. So basically, it’s $30.94 followed by monthly payments of $5.95. This also entitles you to the ORU Visa card which you can load with funds you receive from your activities as an ORU member.

If you could use more business via the ORU Marketplace, an efficient way to send and receive payments for your products and a pretty slick looking Visa card with guaranteed approval, then please click here to create an ORU account now.