I recently discovered The ORU Marketplace and have started telling other people about it’s benefits, one of these being that ORU members can pay each other for their goods and services without any commissions or fees via ORUPay.

Another site I joined recently which I think will be really useful for ORU members who want to get some money flowing into their ORU accounts is called InstantCashPromoCodes.

In fact, it’s probably worth joining ORU just to benefit from this innovative system for receiving unlimited instant $20 payments directly into your ORU account whilst building profitable downlines at a network of 80 online advertising sites AND getting access to promo codes which unlock 400 Solo Ads, 400 Banner Ads, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Link Ads for the one-time $20 joining fee.

The actual retail value of the ads you receive with the promo codes is $3952 – not a bad deal right?

Anyway – you can actually make even more than $20 for every new person you introduce to InstantCashPromoCodes because, if your new referral isn’t already an ORU member, they join under you and you earn an additional $10 for every new ORU member you recruit from their $24.99 set-up fee.

However, it doesn’t end there..

You also get paid affiliate commissions for any referral purchases made by your downline in the 80 ad sites. In fact it’s probably one of the biggest ‘win-win’ programs in the history of internet marketing which is why I joined and also why I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that you do the same – unless you’re not too keen on unlimited $20 payments and building a bunch of profitable downlines – all with just 1 link!

If you do plan to join, one thing to remember is that, if you do choose to join and promote as a paid member of InstantCashPromoCodes, please add your referral links for the promo code sites in the downline builder after you have upgraded your account as the downline builder entries reset after you become a lifetime gold member at ICPC. It would be very frustrating to add your referral links for each downline builder site and then have all your work undone, so please decide whether you’re going to promote as a paid or free member before you fill out the downline builder. Promoting as a free member would enable you to grow a downline at all the 80 sites in the downline builder but it would also mean that you passed up your instant $20 commissions to your referrer AND that you wouldn’t get over $3K worth of advertising for a one-time $20 payment. I think both ORU and the simple but powerful system for building an income within ORU you get with InstantCashPromoCodes is a complete no-brainer.