It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if you’re an affiliate then you are up against some strong competition. There are probably thousands and thousands of other hopeful affiliates selling, or trying to sell the exact same products as you.

And you know what?

If you just run around the internet posting banner ads here and there, you’re not going to sell much of anything. Your ads will get lost in the noise. You’ll be out manoeuvred by more savvy affiliates who’ll outsell you any day of the week.

But hold on a minute…

Being beaten by the competition is for mediocre affiliates, and you’re anything but mediocre. Once you know the same secrets as the successful affiliates, then you can start selling more products.

Let’s start right now with these three tips and tricks for turning you into a top online affiliate…

#1: Try to Engage Your Audience

Take a look at what the top affiliates are doing, and you’ll see that their focus isn’t on driving cold traffic to the vendor’s sale page. This is not a formula for success. Professional online affiliates drive traffic to their OWN lead pages, build their OWN list, engage their OWN audience, and then drive these warm leads to their affiliate links. They build their OWN brand first and then promote product links second.

A lot of aspiring affiliates see this process and try to mimic it. They set up their lead pages. They give away enticing lead magnets to build their list. They send out gobs of emails to their list. They promote offers like crazy.

And what happens?


Not a darn thing, because the list is about as responsive (and profitable) as a dead weed.

So where did they go wrong?

In most cases the problem is that the affiliate never built a relationship with the list before recommending products to them.

They never engaged their audience.

You see, just because someone joined your list doesn’t mean that they’re now your friend and that they’re going to open and read your emails. The only person who’ll do that is your mother. As regards everyone else, you need to gain their trust before they will take your recommendations seriously.

One way to develop a trust relationship with your leads is to send out informative and engaging content in every email. This is content that educates whilst simultaneously being entertaining. It ‘gives value’ to your prospects without asking for anything in return, thereby cultivating your personal brand.

Here are a few more tips for engaging your audience:

• Give them what they want. Do your research to find out what your subscribers want, and then try to give it to them. Test, test and test even more to see what they respond to best, and give them more of what they want (and less of what they don’t want).

• Share your best stuff for free. When your subscribers see what sort of amazing secrets you’re sharing for free, trust will grow in leaps and bounds, which in turn generates sales. Plus you’ll trip the reciprocity trigger, which makes your subscribers feel obligated and downright compelled to consider buying anything you’re selling.

• Email them often. You can’t build a relationship and engage people out in the brick and mortar world by talking to someone every once in a blue moon. Same goes for your subscribers. If you want to build a good relationship, then your you need to email your leads at least once a week.

• Recommend good stuff. If you wouldn’t recommend it to your mother or your closest friends, then don’t recommend it to your list.

Next tip…

#2: Presell the Offer

Throwing a link in front of your audience with very little comment is one of the quickest routes to the affiliate poorhouse. Your readers are bombarded by ads and banners and links – they sure don’t need you to shove another one in their face.

You see, part of your job as an affiliate is to sort through all the different products in your niche, review them, and recommend only the very best products to your readers.

THAT’S what your readers really want. They want to hear about the benefits of the product and what you realy think of the it. You need to explain to them why you think they should buy it.

Let me share a little secret with you…

Your readers want to be led. They don’t really want to sift through all the information by themselves to decide if a product is right for them. They want you to tell them what products they should buy – or better still show them. If you have purchased a product yourself, what better way is there to recommend the product to your readers than to show them exactly what the product does?

So what do you need to do?

Put simply, you need to presell the offer. That means that you send out multiple emails that cover all the benefits of the product and handle your prospects’ most likely objections. If you properly warm the audience up for the offer, they’ll have their credit cards out and be ready to click the “order” button before the sales page even loads.

And finally, here’s another very effective way to outsell your competition…

#3: Add Value to the Offer

You’re up against a lot of competition, and very often everyone is pushing the exact same offer. Adding extra value to the offer is one way you can stand out above the ‘noise’.

What this means is that you create a product or service (or obtain a license to a product or service) and offer it as a bonus to those who purchase the affiliate product through your link. If you offer something attractive, valuable, and closely related to the original offer, you’re very likely to get lots of people making a point of buying via your affiliate link rather than anyone elses’.

For example, if you’re promoting a software product, then you might create an instruction video that shows customers how to install the software, customize it, and use it for maximum benefit.

Another example would be if you were selling a copywriting book. You might put together a huge swipe file with headline templates and then offer this as a bonus to anyone who buys through your link.

The point is that, if your bonus product enhances the benefits or enjoyment of the main product, then there’s a very good chance it will boost conversions and send more money your way.


These three tips outlined above aren’t something you should use in isolation. Instead, you need to use them together for maximum effect. This is because preselling or adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot of good if you’re showing the offer to an unresponsive audience. Furthermore, adding value to an offer doesn’t benefit you very much if you’re not also preselling the offer. These tactics benefit you more when they’re used together.

These are just three simple steps you can take to really increase your conversion rates – and there are lots more sales boosting strategies if you are ready to learn them.

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